Dedicated and Experienced

The NEC team is dedicated to a high standard of management and vigilant care that is reflected in the health of our equine residents and satisfaction of our clients. Each member is experienced in safe handling practices and values physical and mental well being of each horse in the program. From our barn manager to our fitness technicians to our owners – every team member is dedicated to the safety and welfare of your horse.


Facility Owners

Paula Joyce, MBA

Owner, NOVA Equestrian Center
Owner, NOVA Equine Fitness Center

A lifelong horseman, Paula has orchestrated the integration of horse health, fitness, veterinary oversight, and medicine to further increase riding longevity and enhance the owner-horse bond. The integration of veterinary-management to an equestrian and fitness center further embodies her commitment to the overall well-being of every horse.

Jay Joyce, DVM, CERPV

Consulting Veterinarian, NOVA Equine Fitness Center
Owner, Total Equine Veterinary Associates

Certified, Equine Rehabilitation and Performance Veterinarian, Chi University

Dr. Joyce serves the Fitness Center by either directly managing individual horse fitness plans or working very closely with referral veterinarians for reconditioning and rehabilitation plans. Dr. Joyce helps direct the Equestrian Center’s nutrition, health, deworming, and biosecurity programs.

For more about Total Equine Veterinary Associates and Dr. Joyce:


Fitness Center Team

Claire Horton, LVT

NEFC Manager

Licensed Veterinary Technician


Alexa Knoell

NEFC Technician

BS, Animal Science and Pre-Vet option – Livestock and Equine Emphasis from VA Tech
Riding for 8 years – Hunters & Eventing
Also works at Total Equine Veterinary Associates

Brooke Fletcher

NEC Barn Manager

Trains with AQHA Professional Horseman/Trainer, Petey Wright
Barrel racing, Ranch Sorting, Team Penning
Starts 2-year-olds


Equestrian Center Team

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NEC Barn Manager
NEFC Technician

NEC Equine Support Team

Manual #1 – NEC Facility Manager, resides on-site with his family

Manual #2 – NEC Lead Caretaker

Henry – NEC Caretaker

Christian – NEC Caretaker

Jesus – NEC Caretaker