As of 01 July 2023 until this message is removed, the entire facility has been 100% privately and exclusively leased. 

No inquiries will be answered. 

NOVA Equestrian Center (NEC) is dedicated to local and visiting equestrians who seek the benefits of a modern training facility combined with an advanced fitness center. Established in 2021, NEC brings Northern Virginia into the future of equine management by balancing detailed care, pristine facilities, and equine fitness.

At NEC, synergy between overall body fitness and acute specialized training prepares both rider and equine athlete for extended years of enjoyment. This holistic approach proves that the quality of care for the horse’s well-being directly impacts their performance, happiness, and longevity as riding partners. We welcome all equestrians to tour our facilities and witness the results that great care produces. 

Our Mission

To provide our clients with a professional and safe environment outfitted with modern training conveniences and equine fitness equipment
To inspire and motivate the equestrian community to achieve equine synergy by balancing advanced individual training with up-to-date fitness support.
To foster an environment of health, safety, and care
for both rider and horse.

Fitness Center

At NEC, we believe the performance of a horse is enhanced when his overall well-being is supported in tandem with his training program. Our unique onsite fitness center provides boarding clients with the convenience of advanced equipment – water treadmill, infrared solarium, and 3D oscillating plate – to aid in the conditioning and targeted therapy of key physical objectives as they relate to their specific discipline.


NEC’s facilities offer local and visiting equestrians a modern, safe, and clean environment to train, rest, or rehabilitate. From roomy 12×12 box stalls to synthetic blended footing in our indoor to plenty of turn out pasture, NEC was built to provide calm spaces for horses to hone their skills and peace of mind to owners regarding the safety and future of their partners.

Training and Events

NEC is host to several outstanding trainers who regularly visit with available services to our training clients. In addition to on site training opportunities, NEC brings the community a host of fun, educational events including horse shows of multiple disciplines, seminars, and clinics.