Fitness Sessions


Building equine fitness.
Building equestrian confidence.

The NOVA Equine Fitness Center offers low-impact fitness sessions using a Horse Gym USA® water treadmill, infrared solarium, and 3D oscillating plate. Our equipment is safe and legal for use before, during, and after FEI and USEF competition. The Fitness Center equipment is versatile enough to provide benefits to fit horses and horses requiring rehabilitation (if approved by the horse’s primary veterinarian). For horses that may be a bit apprehensive of the equipment, our trained technicians will introduce them through proper orientation methods. Most horses quickly learn to relax and enjoy their treatments and fitness workouts. The Fitness Center has been designed and equipment selected to benefit every ridden horse – regardless of shape, size, fitness level, and discipline. We offer fitness sessions to boarders, haul-in customers, overnight guests and to those seeking an extended stay.

Sessions are between 60-75 minutes and include:

Our Fitness Equipment

Water Treadmill

From Horse Gym USA®, the WATER Treadmill is designed to exercise horses in water up to shoulder height. It can also be used without water as well as with or without incline in both water and dry modes.
Benefits of low impact exercise on the water treadmill include:

Infrared Solarium

The SUN Solarium features 15 infrared lamps and provides benefits both before and after training. The Solarium is equipped with a blower to circulate warm air around the horse and is often used as a dryer following water treadmill work.

Benefits of the solarium include:

3D Oscillating Plate

The RELAX vertical, threedimensional oscillating surface can also be used both pre-and post-training. This unique machine evenly distributes muscular and stabilization efforts to all four limbs and is proven to build back and core muscles.

Benefits of therapy on the 3D oscillating plate include:

Our experienced team will work with the horse owner, trainer or veterinarian to help customize a fitness plan based on your goals and objectives.