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Customizable and Affordable

The NOVA Equine Fitness Center offers single, multiple, haul-in fitness sessions, overnight stays, and multi-day extended sessions for visiting equines. Each session is a low-impact form of conditioning exercise that builds stamina, strength, and flexibility while promoting soundness and whole-body recovery. Our experienced team will help you customize a fitness plan for your horse based on your goals and objectives. 

How often?

Once a week sessions will improve fitness level, symmetry, extension, and stamina. Weekly sessions usually replace trot sets or long gallops at the farm. This is ideal for long-term weekly attendance, sustainability, and longevity of performance.  

Multiple sessions a week will result in a rapid gain of cardiovascular capacity, speed, range of motion, and muscle. Between 10-20 sessions are needed to fully appreciate the beneficial changes. 


Session Pricing

Single or multiple sessions can be scheduled on a recurring basis to suit your training or reconditioning goals. With plenty of available trailer parking, day stalls, and experienced technicians, hauling your horse in for sessions can be an easy integration to your fitness routine.

Single Session

$ 80 pre-payment
  • confirms reservation

2-4 Sessions

$ 75 per session
  • (save as much as $20)

5+ Sessions

$ 70 Per session
  • (save over $50)

NOTE: We request the $80 fee for single sessions to confirm the reservation. If additional sessions are purchased after the first, the $80 prepayment is credited towards future sessions.



A fit and stay is an overnight option for easy drop off and pick up. Our packaged rate includes one overnight stall board and two fitness sessions as well as full board care from our experienced staff.

Single Session

$ 180


Extended stays are designed for your convenience. Whether for 2 or 3 days of the week or an entire month, we tailor fitness sessions to accommodate your busy schedule or develop a customized program to support your reconditioning goal. Extended stays often incorporate daily exercise walker work in conjunction with water treadmill work (generally 4 fitness sessions and 4 60 min walker per 7-day stay). Reconditioning programs are usually closely coordinated between your veterinarian and an NEFC veterinarian.

Begin At
$ 85
  • Per Day
Optional customizations:

Our experienced team will work with the horse owner, trainer or veterinarian to help customize a fitness plan based on your goals and objectives.

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